Board members are homeschooling parents who have volunteered to serve the group in leadership positions for one academic year. Married couples serve together in board member offices.

For the 2016-17 year, these offices are filled by these couples:

Boyd & Lisa Alcorn


Boyd and Lisa Alcorn serve as President of FAITH. They have been married since 1997. They have seven children ages five to sixteen and have been homeschooling for twelve years. It is their mission, while pointing to Christ and the Gospel, to teach their children all subjects from the foundation that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things and the Source of all wisdom, with a result that they might encourage them to use their knowledge first and foremost to glorify God. Living this out in the midst of their own failures and disappointments, along with the hardships that come with having a large family, is only possible because of the daily grace that God extends to them through Christ. May He get all the glory.

Diana Bowen


Darren & Katie Keith


Darren and Katie Keith serve as Treasurer for FAITH. Darren is the Title IX Coordinator for Tarleton State University. Katie has an accounting degree from Tarleton State University and served in public accounting for six years before leaving the work force to stay home full time. Darren and Katie serve as the youth directors at Highland Missionary Baptist Church. They have three little girls, Morgan (age 7), Addison (age 4) and Lily (age 2). They have recently been certified as foster parents and they are eager to see where God leads in this new journey.

Darren and Katie are honored to serve our homeschool cooperative and look forward to seeing where God guides and leads in the upcoming year.

Travis & Yvette Richey

Academic Director

Rod & Stacey Cole

Athletic Director

Jeremy & Erynn Sprouse

Communications Officer

Jeremy and Erynn Sprouse serve as Communication Officer for FAITH. They have been married since 1999 and have five boys and one girl, ages 11 to 1 year. Jeremy is the preacher for the Patrick Street church of Christ in Dublin and Erynn stays home full time. They seek to bring glory and honor to God in all things and to raise their children to do the same. Character development ranks above academic pursuits in their home, but traditional subjects are not without importance or attention.