At the heart of a Faith Homeschool Group education are academically challenging courses that are specifically designed to foster a thirst for character, competence, and service within the hearts and minds of our students. Courses are evolving and can change each year depending on the availability of teachers and volunteers, but we try to center them around four key human relationships: with God, with others, with self, and with the world.

We believe that worshiping Christ, following His Calling, connecting with others, and engaging His world are key to unlocking an academic experience that strengthens character, sharpens competence, and prepares for service. We also believe that an education that emphasizes the integration of faith and learning lays the foundation for and is in perfect concert with our mission. At Faith, we are committed to incorporating worship, education and spiritual growth, all while actively looking for reflective and practical ways the Christian faith intersects with the disciplines we teach in the classroom.

We want student to develop a love for learning in multiple disciplines from which to continually evaluate the changing world around them and navigate the inevitable career changes that the shifting economy may require. At Faith, our students learn well, how to learn well. We want to provide students with the foundation of for life-long learning.

Classes meet on Mondays at the Erath County Cowboy Church. We have a focus on providing classes for upper grade levels, but do provide some for younger ages.

Below you will find the Academic School Calendar: